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能源监控解决方案Energy efficiency for compressor rooms – X Meter Air

Energy efficiency for compressor rooms – X Meter Air

It’s possible to improve the efficiency by 50%?

In a midsize company, necessary electrical energy for producing compressed air is a significant part of the total request of energy.
If the installations which produce compressed air are equipped by managing and monitoring systems designed with finality and efficiency ,it’s also possible to economize to 40-50% energy consumptions than other installations which hasn’t these technology of supervision.

The monitoring X-Meter Air system, thanks to its high modularity and expandability, can be effectively implemented both for small installations (20-100 KW – Nr. 1-2 compressors) and for large installations (>1000 KW – Nr. 3 compressors).

It allows to check parameters such as:

    • Energy absorbed by compressors
    • Pressure in production
    • Pressure in the network
    • Air-speed
    • Temperature and humidity

Therefore they determine the energy-efficiency level of the process for producing compressed air.

pk10计划 In short, X-Meter Air system allows to:

    • Acquire and analyze MORE than 50 electrical sizes
    • Measure absorbed power for each compressor
    • Measure the pressure of the compressed-air produced
    • Measure the pressure in the network for compressed-air distribution
    • Measure the volume of the compressed-air produced
    • Record and store the peaks of consumption of the compressed-air
    • Record and store Temperature and Humidity
    • Connect on-line to installation for verifying all the functional parameters
    • Recording of data and logging of the events

Analysis of all acquired data allows to:

    • Verify the effective efficiency of the compressors
    • Check the performance of the distribution network
    • Manage diagnostics and alarms
    • Advise eventual anomalies during the working
    • Make the availability of the data by means of the WEB

pk10计划 Energetic Audit with “X-Meter Air”, allows to:

    • Produce certificate verification with real data
    • Carry out check-up of the service parameters of the compressors
    • Plan the necessary request of the compressed-air for the productive process
    • Define the logic of the functional parameters
    • Detect and notice eventual anomalies in the working of the compressors
    • Measure and locate eventual losses
    • Calculate the actual Wh/m3 cost
    • Calculate the possible Wh/m3 cost (achievable saving)




Customized solutions

All the parameters obtainable by X-Meter Air system, pointing out the best degree of obtainable efficiency, allows to design a new installation or to modify the actual one, giving useful valuations for business plans inherent the return of the investment.


Web solutions

Data coming from the field are stored and integrated into a “Business intelligence platform” able to give (by means of one instrument, only one database, on a single DBMS technological platform and accessible via WEB) complete and reliable information about consumption (historical and in real-time), according to interpretative and pre- configurable logics.

Energy efficiency for compressor rooms – X Meter Air
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