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上海易瑾慧成为西班牙IED Electronics公司在中国的总代理

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2017年11月,上海易瑾慧机电科技有限公司荣幸获得西班牙IED Electronics公司在中国独家代理权,成为西班牙IED Electronics公司在中国的总代理,
关于西班牙IED Electronics公司的介绍如下:
IED Greenpower is a joint venture of IED Electronics and Sumelec which aims to introduce the latest lighting technology in the wind industry. The venture which came through in 2010 combines the IED Electronics´ know-how with the experience of Sumelec supplying electrical and electronics components to the wind energy industry. IED Electronics has been developing and manufacturing electronics for more than 20 years for the industry. While Sumelec is working in the distribution of components to the industry since the 70s creating a new division devoted to the renewable energy sector in the 90s.
IED Greenpower is committed to the investment on R&D considering it as a priority for a sustainable growth and consolidation in a continuous evolving market.

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