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上海易瑾慧和意大利Blugeo公司共同建立BLUGEO China

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2018年5月31日至6月2日上海易瑾慧机电科技有限公司的周总和BLUGEO的CEO  REMO进行了深入的交流,最后周总和BLUGEO的CEO  REMO决定上海易瑾慧和意大利Blugeo公司共同建立BLUGEO China,共同推进BLUGEO净水设备在中国的全面销售。关于BLUGEO净水设备公司的介绍如下:

welcome to blugeo
for more than 20 years, the company is committed to the production, distribution and sale of their products, with particular attention to technical assistance. blugeo offers the best solutions in terms of technology, design and reliability, boasting quality certification as uni en iso 9001: 2008; en iso 14001: 2008 en iso 1014: 2008. the company cooperates with the largest multinationals in the sector treatment water for the development and implementation of products.

blugeo products are entirely made in italy: each component is designed and assembled in italy, according to the latest regulations in force. each product before being placed on the market, is certified according to the highest standards of safety and quality (tuv, nsf).

the high investment in technological innovation are the best on the market for products blugeo reliability, efficiency and security benefits.

the sleek design and essential to fully reflect their quality. the characteristics are largely real requirements linked to the quality of the water, which occur both in the domestic environment in the professional field.

choose a product blugeo is a smart investment and beneficial in terms of savings and wealth, in full respect of the environment.